The NBA Dribbled Out

The New York Knicks new ad campaign, “The Beginning”  shows a rhyming Carmelo Anthony narrating what New York City means to him interspliced with Knicks footage from this inverted Knicks season. Ethan Sherwood Strauss makes a parallel with the loquacious Knicks play-by-play man, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and his rolling word-play, straight from a SAT vocab test. 

His cadenced rhymes are more Longfellow heroic coupletsor contemporary Chaucer verse (or if you wanna be a jerk about it, Shel Silverstein), than Clyde’s syllable-heavy imagery, but it’ll warm any New Yorkers heart regardless of your affinity for the wings of poesy. With Amar’e all but lost this season, and new coach Mike Woodson relying on a more Melo-heavy offense, Anthony might be New York’s only chance of advancing far this spring.  Check out the video, and see if his words mimic your own thoughts and experiences in New York as we come up on the Final month of the season. 

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