The NBA Dribbled Out

Scores from last night:

The I’ll have more to add edition. Indiana got their 6th straight win against the Philadelphia who is only a game and a half up on Milwaukee for that final spot in the East; Detroit beat Cleveland so bad I saw a score update from the second quarter and it looked like one of those early college football games where Florida State plays some bumble-fuck I-AA team; Memphis and their Z-Bo off the bench experiment continues to pay dividends as they defeated the still fiesty ‘Wolves; Um, WOW in New York (I have much more to add, but WOW again); San Antonio destroyed the Lakers at the Staples as celebrities looked on (it mirrored the LAL-SAS game earlier this week except the roles were reversed). 

Home teams in CAPS.

  • Indiana Pacers 102 - PHILADELPHIA 76ERS 97
  • DETROIT PISTONS 116 - Cleveland Cavaliers 77
  • Memphis Grizzlies 91 - MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 84
  • NEW YORK KNICKS 118 - Boston Celtics 110
  • San Antonio Spurs 112 - LOS ANGELES LAKERS 91


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