The NBA Dribbled Out

Scores from last night:

The it’s only 4 days until the playoffs start edition!

Milwaukee got eliminated and Philly clinched. The Spurs continued to roll and sealed the top seed in the West (for the second straight year) by destroying the outmanned Trail Blazers. You know who else rolled, the—Wizards? They’ve won 4 in-a-row! It’s their first win streak of that length since 2007. The Gizzlies won to keep pace with the Clippers (they’re half a game back), despite Kyrie Irving, our ROY, scoring 19 first-half points. With Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger sitting, it meant Paul George could shoulder some more offense for Indiana (I wish he did this even when they were playing, but I’ll leave that up to coach Vogel) and George dropped 27 (including 12 in the 4th) to beat the visiting Pistons. 

Home teams in CAPS.

  • INDIANA PACERS 103 - Detroit Pistons 97
  • Washington Wizards 101 - CHARLOTTE BOBCATS 73
  • Philadelphia 76ers 105 - NEW JERSEY NETS 87
  • MILWAUKEE BUCKS 92 - Toronto Raptors 86
  • MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES 109 - Cleveland Cavaliers 101
  • SAN ANTONIO SPURS 124 - Portland Trail Blazers 89


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