The NBA Dribbled Out

LeBron LeBron LeBron! That’s all anyone wants to talk about, but after 45, 15 and 5 in an elimination game on the road, there is a lot to say about the man. I tried my hand last night in the Dr. Pepper and nicotine soaked aftermath of his perfomance on my computer screen. But there were many others—both better and worse than this humble blogger—that attempted to write an all-encompassing character synopsis based off the narrative of one game. We’ve done it before, and like I mentioned earlier yesterday, LeBron still has to win game 7:

If they do somehow pull off the upset tonight, it will be that much more remarkable even as they face a game 7 let-down.

That’s sorta the point: there’s just no winning if you’re the Miami Heat, even if they win.”

And boy did they LeBron win. Here’s what some others had to say about Bron’s transcedent performance.

—NBA Players react on Twitter to his game [Storify!]

—Sportsgrid’s Glenn Davis on ‘Bron haters and the over-simplification of his psyche based off one game. Bonus Dan Devine tweet!

—Speaking of Your Man Devine, here’s his take on LeBron’s night at BDL.

David Hyde at the Sun-Sentinel and fellow Sun reporter, Ira Winderman’s observations on game 6.

—Shaun Powell at the Hang Time Blog with LeBron, LeMagnifique (I really wished he’d used the word “soupcon” plus a Rimbaud reference, but I’m hard to please). 

—Tom D’Angelo thinks LeBron was “superhuman” at Sheridan Hoops.

—Howard Beck at the New York Times believes LeBron took game 6 personally.

—Ian Thomsen at Sports Illustarted on LeBron’s “epic” (it’s OK if Thomsen uses that word) and “locked-in” performance as he “destroys” the Celtics in game 6.

—Washington Post columnist Mike Wise on LeBron carrying the Heat to victory.

—Will Leitch writes that LeBron James "explodes" in game 6.

—Deadspin has all 45 “unspectacular” points from James in game 6.

—Steve McPherson at HP on LeBron as a hardened warrior for life; at first I thought he was writing about James Harden because I skipped LeBron in the title (I’ve been seeing a lot of it) and just read: “James: Hardened Warrior for Life” so don’t make that same mistake readers. It’s about LeBron—not James Harden.

—Adrian Wojnarowski with his LeBron Game 6 comparison to Wilt’s elimination game peformance 50 years ago.

—Zache Lowe with an effective headline that reads: “He proved clutch in game 6, but you can judge LeBron James by one game.” 

Go get out of your house because it’s too nice out to just be reading LeBron stories all day. Whoops. 

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