The NBA Dribbled Out

I took the whole weekend off, and I’ll probably be done updating this blog in a couple day’s time (more on that later), but for now, check out all these LeBron James articles. He’s the champ now, so it’s understandable if you want to avoid the paeans to his greatness. Some of the articles though, seek to put an end to the narrative most often employed by the fans who made it their mission to malign everything he accomplished. Or those reporters or writers that used LeBron James as a tabula rasa for whatever issues they may have with the NBA game or superstar athletes or some strangely insecure and paranoid idea of a marketing conspiracy. LeBron is the champ, and no one can take that away from him. So let’s all take a moment to say a silent prayer for the LeBron James articles that slowly sapped our love for the game. Our love is in-tact, and we can move on to discussing basketball now, not the psychological didacticism calcified around James’ story since the summer of 2010. 

But that doesn’t mean some people aren’t taking one more pass at tearing the dvde down. Or moving on to other issues with his career (only one title?!) Or, and these are my favorites, simply moving on entirely. There are other things to write about and we can all look forward to that. Plus, the draft is only a few days away so all the lottery teams—especially New Orleans—have something to look forward to. 

—”Getting to the Yes, Eventually, with the Miami Heat" by David Roth at the Classical

—”For LeBron and Us: ‘It’s About Damn Time’” by Bethlehem Shoals at GQ

—”LeBron James and the end of all that" by Kevin Arnovitz at ESPN

—”The Once and Future King" - The Grantland Staff

—”LeBron makes LeLeap" - Simmons

—”LeBron James: World Champion Cocksucker" Drew Magary at Deadspin

—”Miami’s title doesn’t erase the melodrama surrounding LeBron James and Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert" by Bill Livingston in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

—”Will people stop hating LeBron James and the Miami Heat now?" by Eric Freeman for Ball Don’t Lie

—”After learning to adapt, the Miami Heat are NBA champions" by Zach Lowe at The Point Forward

—”LeBron leaves no doubt with first crown" by Brian Windhorst at ESPN

—”LeBron James has his crown, finally, and he earned every bit of it" by Ken Berger at CBS Sports

—”Architects of ‘The Decision’ get to enjoy LeBron James’ moment of glory as NBA champion" by Marc J. Spears at Yahoo

—”James’ title sweet redemption" by Ian Thomsen at Sports Illustrated

—”LeBron James carries NBA championship crown after hard look at himself and his game"  by Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo

—”LeBron James leads Heat Past Thunder for N.B.A. Title" by Howard Beck at the New York Times

—”LeBron James: Zen and the art of winning an NBA championship"  by Scott Carefoot at The Basketball Jones

—”Riley a perfect puppeteer as Heat claim their promised title"  by David Aldridge at

—By Dan Le Batard at the Miami Herald

—”Viva Hate: a LeBorron James hater’s refusal to take anything away from these NBA Finals" by Andrew Unterberger at The Basketball Jones

—”Heat complete journey, win title behind Wade-James brotherhood" by Michael Rosenberg at Sports Illustrated

—”2012 NBA Finals Heat-Thunder Game 5: They Kingdom Come" by Matt Moore for ProBasketballTalk

—”LeBron James finally has his first ring, so what does the rest of the league do now?" by Dave D’Alessandro at the Newark Star-Ledger.

—”With unstoppable LeBron making teammates better, Heat may continue to reign"  by Gregg Doyel at CBS Sports

—”LeBron James is a worthy MVP, but Miami Heat win title as a team"  by Mike Wise at The Washington Post

—”Hate LeBron or not, King James reigns supreme"  by Mitch Albom at The Detroit Free Press

—”LeBron James and the arbitrary validation of transcendence"  by Noam Schiller at Hardwood Paroxysm

—”LeBron James and our primitive dread" by Danny Chau at Hardwood Paroxysm

—”LeBron James’ career as explained by Shakespeare" by Beckley Mason at HoopSpeak

—”LeBron couldn’t hit a shot, still dominated NBA Finals" by Ethan Sherwood Strauss at HoopSpeak

—”Your 2012 Champion Miami Heat: the quiet validation of Erik Spoelstra" by Matt Moore at CBS sports’ Eye on Basketball blog

—”About Damn Time: LeBron James is an NBA Champion"  by Andrew Sharp at SB Nation

—”The Winner of Akron" by Scott Raab of Esquire

—”Why the finals had to end that way"  by J.A. Adande at ESPN

There’s plenty more writing about Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Erik Spoelstra, Pat Riley and the rest of the Heat crew, but even though his story has been beaten into the ground, LeBron James is the primary reason the Heat won the title and the primary reason so many people cared about the NBA Finals in this abbreviated year. The Thunder, for all their youth, and brilliance against the Spurs out West, couldn’t close out the Heat and their suddenly indomitable star.

*Also, for more season ending reading, check out Jared Dubin’s list at Hardwood Paroxysm.*

[Pics via @KingJames & Nike Commercial]

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