The NBA Dribbled Out

Some links before I move on to other things that pay me.

—The USA’s Olympic Men’s Basketball team beat France 98-71 in their opening game of the XXX Olympics on Sunday despite slipperiness and the USOC blocking every highlight like James’ thread-the-needle 50 foot bounce pass.

Here are a few write-ups on their inaugural game (that counts):

—Why this might be the final time we see a superstar, NBA-laden Men’s Basketball Olympic team? Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting for Y! Sports that “NBA Owners want to kill Olympic format to protect their investment in international players.”

—But there were other events besides Team USA’s inchoate steps towards pre-ordained Olympic gold. Orlando hired a coach named Jacques Vaughn, the former Kansas Jayhawk—and an often abysmal NBA shooter—will be taking over a team that’s been gutted in a pre-Dwight getting traded flurry.

—Speaking of Dwight, he’s still an Orlando Magic as of 2:01 p.m. ET on July 30, 2012. According to Dan Malone at Sheridan Hoops, the Dwight trade rumors will be heating up again, and SI is reporting he’ll be moved by the end of the week. Lets all hope so. 

—In the first game of the 2012 Men’s basketball competition, Argentina defeated Lithuania 102-79 and amnestied former-Rocket and current Phoenix Sun (for an incredible discount), Luis Scola dropped in 32 points on a Dirkian 12 of 19 from the field. I’m looking at Daryl Morey with my hands upturned and a furrowed brow wondering what the hell happened when they dropped Scola to make room for a possible—but not probable—Dwight?

—Jeff Clark at Celtics Blog has 5 reasons why Jeff Green hasn’t re-signed with the Boston Celtics, yet. Ugh, number 1 is that he might be traded for Dwight Howard. Let the Dwightmare end already!

—The Hoop Speak crew talks with Jessica Camerato and Danny Nowell plus their usual musings on the NBA and it’s ancillaries.

—I thought this was about Perry Ellis socks, which means it was a crazy weekend.

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