The NBA Dribbled Out

A couple coaching contract* announcements today as I sat in bed battling the ill effects of the autumnal chill, which Keats never mentioned in his ode. 

Doug Collins signed a one year extension that will keep him in Philadelphia through the conclusion of the 2014 season (his contract was set to expire at the end of this year). I had read about rumblings within the Philly organization about Collins wanting full reign taking ona  double duty role as GM/coach, but the signing of Tony DeLilo earlier in September nixed that idea. I guess Collins was happy with the choice. Or at least happy enough to sign on for one more year. One thing he can’t be happy about is Bynum’s knee problems already knocking him out for most of training camp.

Tom Thibodeau of the Bulls also signed an extension for four more years and almost $17 million. All he’s done since coming over from being an assistant coach in Boston is lead the Bulls to the league’s best record the last couple years, and last year was largely without his best player. No biggie. 

*THAT is how you do alliteration** kids.

**Also known as the “lazy sportswriting crutch.”

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