The NBA Dribbled Out

Maybe you read about the rumor Mark Cuban had bought up to prevent his archenemy, Mikhail Prokhorov, from purchasing the web domain for his newly moved franchise. The rumor is false, as Trey Kerby points out, but it’s still glorious to think Cuban might have, if only to annoy Prokhorov.

With that in mind, here are Mark Cuban and Mikhail Prokhorov dancing, kickboxing, pranking (not to be confused with planking), bench pressing (if the bar is the same weight as at my gym, Prokhorov puts up 205 lbs. pretty easily), reacting poorly to a call, and flipping a jet ski. 

Based off the unscientific research of looking at a couple videos of the two of them on YouTube, Prokhorov would definitely win a battle royale, but Cuban would make all of us laugh, which is the true victory.

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