The NBA Dribbled Out

Links having nothing to do with the legacy of David Stern.

-Kevin Durant is growing in a little beard. His Instagram pick of it features this caption: “My Lil beard coming in…awwww man I feel like @jharden13.” Adorable. Check out the gifs of Harden dunking on a fast break, and a Russ to Durant oop that I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of when the season (finally) starts. 

-Not a lot of people are talking about this possibility outside of OKC, and there’s only five days left for Harden to sign an extension, but might effect his performance. These guys aren’t automatons. 

-Jeff Green is eager to show the Celtics what he can do. Glad his health has returned and the Celtics gave him a contract even with the health concerns.

-Big ups to former Bull and Magic player, Horace Grant. A U.S. Appeals court upheld a $1.45 million arbitration award. A lot of people forget how important Grant was for those first three Bulls titles.

-A scouts take on the San Antonio Spurs.

-You’ve probably already heard about the Delonte West story. I’m not gonna link to it because he’s always been one of my favorite players and his bipolar disorder is a real problem that a lot of people use to just crack jokes on Twitter. Regardless, he was suspended indefinitely by the Mavs for the second time this preseason and after that you could already see what was coming: he was waived. What you might not have heard was the support shown West from an unlikely source on the Mavs roster. Vince Carter came out in support—as much as you can come to the defense someone that’s getting cut for being a locker-room nuisance/distraction—but he did say 

“That’s my buddy. He’s a great guy. I don’t know what’s going on, so I stay out of it. If he wants to talk and vent, I’m around for it.

But I’ll tell you what, we’re losing a competitor, plain and simple.’’

I write a lot of shit about Vince Carter on here, but I really liked this. Maybe I’m just a sucker for West for personal reasons, but there was no reason for Carter to say that to Eddie Sefko about West, his now-gone teammate. Former teammate, Jason Terry, also had some kind words about West as a competitor on the court, and because of that, as a teammate.

Most people aren’t going to delve into West on a personal basis because it’s hard to understand or comprehend what bipolar and it’s ensuing medication can do your mood and that’s all augmented when you’re under the bright lights of professional sports, but I’m really rooting for him, and I hope some team picks him up and shows him the love he needs to stay in the league. Tough day.

-"That lasting memory of ‘good job, good effort’ kid"

-Part of me wants to write some New York Knicks fan fiction about a player decking Mike Woodson this close to the start of the season, but it’s weird because he keeps the cause of his bandaged eye a secret? Did he get into it with Dolan?! I can’t spend too much time on this because I become like a gossipy school girl, and it’s just not important. 

-Maybe Leitch was trolling me with this piece at NY Mag this morning about Tyson Chandler’s knee. He banged it against Gerald Wallace’s knee in a preseason game against the Nets at the Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday night. I say troll because apparently, he’s fine for opening night, but Tyson Chandler’s health does not engender a lot of positivity even after playing every important game throughout a breakneck schedule last season, and Leitch latched on to that deep-seated fear that Chandler goes down and ‘Melo has a perfect excuse for why the Knicks are (at best) a 6 seed this year, and more likely fighting for the 8 again. Without Chandler anchored in the post, I’d tell the Knicks to tank for the lottery. I really do not like this team, and they are my team, and I might just cozy up to my league pass and not even bother going down to the bar to catch Knicks games this season. Sorry, I’m in a weird place with these guys, but I had to vent. I would never ask anyone, especially the Knicks, especially this year, but I don’t really like them very much on a personal level (except Shump, Brewer and Pablo), and I’m worried about J.R. Such is life.

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