The NBA Dribbled Out

Scores & pics from last night where there were 12 games, and I still found time to hang with my lady. Lets get to it. 

As usual, home teams in CAPS.

NEW YORK KNICKS 104 - Miami Heat 84

Rasheed Wallace made an appearance, and that’s all you really need to know to imagine what happened last night to the defending NBA champs. They might not have wanted to travel to Sandy-struck NYC, but Stern and Co. decided they would go ahead and open up the Knicks season in MSG (no such luck for the Brooklyn Nets), and the exhausted Knicks fans were not disappointed.

The long ball was falling as the Knicks shot over 19/36 from 3-point land, which negated some mediocre play from LeBron and Wade. Who, it should be noted, shot pretty well, combining to go 15 for 26 from the field. In contrast to the Heat’s efficiency, a shot-happy Carmelo launched 28 shots (19 in the first half) and only connected on 10 of them. 

It didn’t matter. Steve Novak had 17 (5/8 from 3), Felton had 14 (3/7 from 3), Kidd had 12 (3/5 from 3), and JR Smith was 2/4 from 3 for 11 points. Rashard Lewis and Chris Bosh were the only Heat players in double figures besides ‘Bron and Wade. The Knicks rolled from long-range, and got the victory. Now watch as fans get a little too happy about this win failing to realize they’re still super old, and if the shots aren’t falling, ‘Melo might attempt 40 shots at some point this year.

I exalt the present, but weep for the future.  

Los Angeles Clippers 105 - LOS ANGELES LAKERS 95

I’m gonna write a separate post on this, so stay tuned. I will say Steve Blake doesn’t have much of a chance to stop Chris Paul who had 18 points and 15 dimes in the victory. Also, Jamal Crawford is looking like a big pick-up for the Clippers; he led them with 21.

Memphis Grizzlies 104 - GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS 94

I watched most of this live last night as I sat next to my lady in bed. I found out how to translate my broadband league pass to her TV just in time for the second half. Steph Curry looked extremely agile and his stroke hasn’t left him throughout the ankle issues, pouring in 26 points on 50% shooting. Andrew Bogut got some playing time, and reminded everyone he’s one of the smartest and toughest defenders in the league, but he’s not back to 100%, and everyone in Oakland is keeping their fingers crossed for Steph and Bogut’s health. Carl Landry, showing a surprisingly polished offensive game, dropped 20 from the bench and David Lee had 16, but for the most part the anciliary players were beaten badly by the Grizz front court. 

Unfortunately for the Bay area, the Grizz are just too strong inside. Randolph had a second-straight night with a double-double (15 & 14), Marc Gasol had 21 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, a block and only 1 turnover. He also led the team with a +17 when he was on the court. Maybe Lionel Hollins decided to listen to me? He’s just a great, great player, and I hope he gets the nod over Dwight for the West’s starter spot in the all-star game; although, since fans vote in the starters, I’m leery of it actually happening. 

Mike Conley Jr. had 21 points hitting 3 of 5 from long range, and Rudy Gay had his usual array of pull-ups and drives into the lane for 18. If Conley and Bayless can consistently hit from the outside, I like Memphis advancing at least to the Western Conference Semifinals. It’s obviously a little too early to believe that what happens now will translate for the next 5 months. 

PHOENIX SUNS 92 - Detroit Pistons 89

Didn’t watch a lick of this game, but I’m glad Phoenix got their first win of the season. I’m starting to worry more about the Pistons than the Lakers, simply because I thought they would be better this year. 


Anthony Davis suffered a concussion in the second quarter, and left the game. New NBA concussion guidelines stipulate that he not travel to his hometown of Chicago for tonight’s game against the Bulls. When he left the game, he was 4/6 from the field with 6 rebounds, a steal and 2 blocks. I love this guy, and he and Lilliard are by-far the most impressive rookies so far this season.

Despite a big bame from Randy Foye off the bench, the Jazz’s front-court stars Millsap and Jefferson were held to just 21 points combined, and 19 a-piece for Robin Lopez and Ryan Andersen were enough to get the win for New Orleans.

Get well soon, ‘Brow, concussions aren’t something you rush back from, and you’ve got your whole future ahead of you.  

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER 106 - Portland Trail Blazers 92

This game refused to load for me over the course of the entire night. I blame my gf’s crappy connection in her room, but whatever. What I did catch was Russ coming back from his awful first game against the Spurs to help lead Durant and his mates to their first win of the season. He finished with 32 and Durant had 23. One Thunder fan was particularly enthused by their play.

Lilliard had 21 for the Blazers, and Aldridge 22, but after a first half that had me excited for an upset, they fizzled in the second. First game hero, Nicolas Batum, was dreadful on offense, shooting just 1/11 from the field after destroying the Lakers the night before. 

Shout-out to my cousin in Portland, who just found out he’s having a baby, and I couldn’t be happier. One of the coolest dvdes I know, and a big Blazers fan. 

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 92 - Sacramento Kings 80

Only caught the first half of this, but Pekovic limited Cousins to just 11 points, and JJ Barea’s 21 points were enough to lead the ‘Wolves to a victory despite Isaiah Thomas dropping 20 to lead Sacramento. 

Chicago Bulls 115 -  CLEVELAND CAVALIERS 86

Um, the Bulls are good. Rip and Booz led 5 players in double-figures with 19 each, and Noah was +30 on the court mostly because Cleveland just didn’t shoot that well. Irving lead the Cavs with 15 points. 

Houston Rockets 109 - ATLANTA HAWKS 102

I’m gonna write another post on this, but the beard has finally been unleashed. 

Milwaukee Bucks 99 - BOSTON CELTICS 88

Whoa, I was shocked at this one. I thought Boston would rebound after playing such dreadful defense against Miami in their opener, but Brandon Jennings outplayed Rajon Rondo, dropping 21 points and handing out 13 assists compared with Rondo’s lackluster performance through the first 2/3 of the game. Rondo did finish with 14 points, 11 assists and 3 steals, but the damage was too much to overcome, and the Celtics are now 0-2. 

ORLANDO MAGIC 102 - Denver Nuggets 89

I watched more of this game than was probably necessary because I didn’t want to leave my gf’s bed this morning, even though she had to work. JJ Redick and Big Baby were excellent for Orlando, and even though Aaron Afflalo didn’t shoot so well, he did get some revenge on his old team.

Big Baby poured in 29 points on 13/25 shooting and grabbed 10 rebounds over the two-headed monster of JaVale & the Greek. 

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS 90 - Indiana Pacers 89

The Bobcats are undefeated, the Bobcats are undefeated! Despite another big game from Pyscho-T for Indiana, Kemba Walker had 30 and the Bobcats started their season by snapping a 23-game losing streak extending—pretty far—into last season. Congrats to new head coach Mike Dunlap, you’re only a few more wins away from equaling last season’s historically awful season.  

I love this game.

Pics Via Yahoo

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