The NBA Dribbled Out

Links from around a web today that I haven’t had a chance to read. Tonight features 13 games, which means there will be a lot to watch and discuss tomorrow, but while you’re watching all the action, curl up with your iPad/computer and read some of the happenings from around the league. 

-Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” character got a helping hand from Bill Russell. [Dime]

-Darren Rovell is—rightfully, if hypocritically—admonishing the Knicks for their sexist advertising campaign. Trey Kerby is using that opportunity for some bro speak (not to be confused with Hoop Speak, which is different, but just as good). [TBJ]

-Geoff Calkins has 50 pieces of information for new Grizzlies owner, Robert Pera.[Commercial Appeal]

-Paul Flannery on the Eastern Conference: playing for the 6 seed. [SB Nation]

-Rob Mahoney on the players who need to see more time [The Point Forward]

-Zach Lowe and Simmons on Danny Granger’s injurty and what it means for the Pacers. [Grantland]

-Beckley Mason on bashing Blake Griffin. {HoopSpeak]

-Steve Blake got into it with a heckler, and Plaschke needed to write about it. [LA Times]

-Nikola Pekovic and Rajon Rondo are the newest Classical why we watch items. This also means Rajon Rondo is the most written about NBA player for the Classical, which makes sense. He is interesting to think about, and the Classical makes you think. [Rondo; Pekovic]

-I’ve been listening a lot to Kendrick Lamar’s new album: “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (check out Backstreet Freesyle, Good Kid, Collect Calls and Compton)  and so has Steve McPherson. That’s why you should read his new piece for HP, “We’ll invent a new world.” [Hardwood Paroxysm]

-This headline would have made me chuckle when I was 18; not so much now. Growing old does have its advantages. [Oregonian]

-I don’t know if this is a joke, but if you talk to any hoops fan from Toronto, they’d probably lump Vince Carter right next to Chris Bosh and snobby people. But I don’t think it was a joke. [Dallas Morning News]

-LeBron James is more political than Michael Jordan. Ken Berger wants to know if this is a good thing (hint from me before reading the piece: it is). [CBS Sports]

-Jay-Z chose LeBron over Wade, so sayeth Wade. [Sun-Sentinel]

-Ian Thomsen says Obama’s re-election means basketball wins another term as well. [Sports Illustrated]

-James Harden wishes the Thunder had given him more than an hour to make a decision on their final contract offer before he was dealt to Houston [Y! Sports]

-Every Deadspin NBA post, including this one, which I wish I had read before I spent 200 bones on league pass broadband. [Deadspin]

If you’re in Brooklyn like me, bundle the f___ up. It’s snowy and ish out there, and if I’m cold, and I grew up in the coldest, snowiest place not next to Dante’s Satan wings in the fabled 9th circle of hell, then you ain’t gonna be comfortable. 

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