The NBA Dribbled Out

Scores and picks from last night, where the Suns were the only team to win on their home court. 

Home teams in CAPS.

Utah Jazz 140 - TORONTO RAPTORS 133 in 3 OT

A doozy that must have our Canadian brothers to the North a little depleted today.

Milwaukee Bucks 105 - PHILADELPHIA 76ERS 96

An Eastern Conference clash with more scoring than I expected.

Oklahoma City Thunder 92 - DETROIT PISTONS 90

A snoozer that got exciting for exactly four minutes in the fourth. 

Boston Celtics 101 - CHICAGO BULLS 95

A comeback that failed, and a Rondo assist as time expired that kept a streak alive.

Miami Heat 113 - HOUSTON ROCKETS 110

'Bron has been filthy good this season.

Minnesota Timberwolves 90 - DALLAS MAVERICKS 82

Keeping afloat until the cavalry arrives, and barely staying above water before the cavalry arrives.

PHOENIX SUNS 110 - Denver Nuggets 100

GORAN and 6 other Suns scored in double figures as the Suns team excellence out-did the same for the Nuggets.

Atlanta Hawks 95 - PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS 87

From my cuz, who got Comcast so he could watch Blazers games on his television (an excellent lifestyle choice since now we can exchange emails most days): “Blazers 5 loses on the season in 33 words: Early deficit made worse when starters take a rest, spirited comeback in 2nd half makes game close through 3 plus quarters. Starters run out of gas and get out-executed at end of game.”

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