The NBA Dribbled Out

Scores from last night.

Home teams in CAPS.

Memphis Grizzlies 107 - OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER 97

If you didn’t already know, Marc Gasol is my boy, but it was Rudy that did in the Thunder.

LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS 107 - Miami Heat 100

Jamal Crawford is the 6th man of the year, and possibly an all-star.

BOSTON CELTICS 93 - Utah Jazz 93

Jeff Green is all the way back; Rondo had exactly 10 assists again; Pierce finally looked OK.

MILWAUKEE BUCKS 99 - Indiana Pacers 85

Is Monta Ellis the elixir the Bucks always needed? 

HOUSTON ROCKETS 100 - New Orleans Hornets 96

Harden dropped 30 again, which only leads me to write, ‘bout time. 

Charlotte Bobcats 89 - MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 87


DALLA MAVERICKS 107 - Washington Wizards 101

Wiz are the last team in the league without a win. 

Chicago Bulls 112 - PHOENIX SUNS 106 in OT

Lost a big lead, than came back to win on the road in OT= Thibodeau victory. 

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS 92 - Atlanta Hawks 88

On the plus side, Hawks fans, Ivan Johnson was 7 for 8 from the field. 

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