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Episode 3: Andrew Ungvari

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This week, I’m happy to bring you the Los Angeles episode with Andrew Ungvari, who stopped by to discuss his script writing career, his childhood days with The Alchemist, Kobe, Lakers, more Kobe and Lakers, how he got Magic Johnson to sign a napkin for him, and so much more.

Streaming link up top, download link below this, and because we covered so much, there’s a ton of show notes this week, which I definitely recommend reading because I wrote them.

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Show notes:

1. You can find Unga’s entire archive of Lakersnation writing here. Specifically, his open letter to Kobe and subsequent plea to fans to be civil.

2. Unga’s “Peking Dunk” script was inspired by this Sports Illustrated article titled “The Man Who Would Be Ming”. We called him Todd McClintock on the podcast, it’s actually Dan. We apologize, maybe.

3. Unga previously talked about “Peking Dunk” on Jensen’s “Get Up On This” podcast, in this episode with Sean O’Connor. Unga is a frequent guest and co-host on the podcast, he also guested on this episode, and co-hosted with Jensen to speak with Melissa Stephens, the rap group Overdoz and most recently Morgan Murphy.

4. One of Unga’s scripts that he discussed was “Fourteen Feet”, based on a true story of football coach Sandy Brown who used football to rehabilitate troubled kids in Texas. You can read more about it here.

5. Here’s a good write-up on former Los Angeles Rams’ Darryl Henley’s crazy story.

6. We talked briefly about Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis’s “list”, which he detailed in this blog post.

7. Unga is childhood friends with hip hop producer The Alchemist. I suggest you read this Complex article where he gives an oral history of some of his greatest tracks. Unga’s cameo appearance in The Whooliganz - “Put Your Hands Up” video can be viewed here.

8. One of Unga’s in development script ideas is about the origin of the Harlem Globetrotters, which he was drawn to after reading “Tricksters In The Madhouse” by John Christgau.

9. The back story behind Yori, better known as the Asian lady who sits front row at Lakers games. Also, a Hollywood Reporter infographic on celebrity Lakers fans.

10. We spoke at length about Kobe and his changing image through the years. Here’s Kobe’s McDonalds commercial from more than a decade ago, contrast that with his “Love Me, Hate Me” commercial. We also discussed Tiger Wood’s post-scandal Nike ad, and LeBron’s post-Decision ad campaign.

11. Unga thinks Kobe is like the old people who don’t care anymore about what people think, as detailed in Louis CK’s recent Saturday Night Live monologue.

12. Some of LeBron’s great dunks: on Damon Jones and on John Lucas III.

13. Vince Carter talks about his tenure in Toronto; Sam Mitchell discussing the Carter trade to New Jersey, and my response to all of this for Raptors HQ at SB Nation.

14. Half a season of Jermaine O’Neal in exchange for Roy Hibbert did happen, and this Pacers fan thinks it’s the best deal ever for them.

15. Former Cleveland Cavaliers owner Ted Stepien is why teams can no longer trade first round picks on consecutive years.

16. The Lakers have tribute videos for just about anyone who returns to Staples, Jordan Farmar included.

17. If Magic Johnson was before your time, this YouTube video should help you appreciate him. Here’s the napkin that Unga gave to Magic Johnson to sign, and here’s Mitch Kupchak’s napkin.

18. Finally, here’s the download link to the Trilambs album on Matt Robinson’s Twitter profile.

19. Thanks to @jonsavant for editing the podcast and @bouncex3 for the podcast logo.

I’m reblogging this because it features one of my favorite Tumblr writers, Steven LeBron, and someone that writes about the Lakers like a smart adult, Andrew Ungvari. Go ahead and click play to chill with these two. You’ll enjoy it. Promise. 

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