The NBA Dribbled Out

Some post-holiday links to get you thinking after a couple weeks of rich food, booze and relatives. 

"The Existential Crisis of Deron Williams" -Howard Beck

"The Not Quite Mid-Season Awards" -Zach Lowe

"Looming LeBron decision could alter path of Cavs" -Jason Lloyd

"Stan Van Gundy: ‘Wizards have no one to build around’" -Dan Steinberg

"Latrell Sprewell arrested in Milwaukee for disorderly conduct" -Raquel Rutledge

"Shot Locations, Offensive Efficiency and the Warriors" -Jack Winter

And here’s a welcome sight for Knicks fans (or not): Amar’e Stoudemire checked in for the Knicks last night to a boisterous applause from the Madison Square Garden crowd. Unfortunately, they lost. Here are a couple Amar’e buckets to make you feel better Knicks fans.

Melo to Amar’e for his first bucket of the season:


And J.R. Smith to Amar’e for the dunk:


Glad to have him back, but still worried about how he’ll affect both ‘Melo and Smith.

[Top gifs via Eric Gordon’s And 1]

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