The NBA Dribbled Out

David Lee is the only player in the NBA averaging a 20 & 10. I just handed in a piece on him that should be coming later today at Dime, but check out this dope pass he rifled to Carl Landry last night in their win over the Clippers; Lee’s not just a one-trick pony. Unfortunately, he’s an awful defender, and that probably won’t improve that much because of his athletic limitations. That being said, check out Dime later because he’s a lot less bad for the Warriors on the defensive end this year (at least in terms of on-court plus/minus). 

Also his reaction to the flagrant 1 called on Festus Ezeli for his arm wrangle of Blake Griffin in the third quarter last night was glorious while also being slightly cringe-inducing. He laughed and did that ironic clap that’s so annoying to referees. He also mouthed off to the Clippers and generally acted like a dick about Griffin’s possible head trauma after landing on his noggin (Griffin was fine, which wasn’t obvious while watching him fall on television). If I were honest, I sort of enjoyed the one-upmanship from Lee, but it’s always dangerous when you’re laughing about whether a player flopped, especially when he might have gotten a mild concussion. Maybe Lee knew more than those of us watching on TV, and was convinced Blake was OK, so it was fine to poke fun at the call. I have no way of knowing unless I got to ask him (I’m pretty sure no one else did), but I’ve already spent around 20 minutes thinking about this and watching the play in question and that’s already 18 minutes too much, so I’m gonna stop now. 

Run-on sentences are the reason millennials enjoy DFW so much. He’s the lodestone for lazy writing among 20-somethings; sort of like the kind you just read, so I’m apologizing beforehand instead of editing. 

UPDATE: here’s that piece on Lee

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