The NBA Dribbled Out

Some links on trade deadline Thursday, but only one having to do with trades. The links are brought to you by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s dunk on poor Greg Monroe.

-Here’s a link to all the trades you didn’t really miss today as we all eagerly followed Woj, Stein and even poor Broussard, who was always just a tad late with his “sources,” on Twitter, waiting to hear news of impending deals we’ve heard so much about leading up to the trade deadline. It was nice to be on Twitter for like 10 minutes before it wasn’t nice and felt like doing lots of methamphetamines without the equalizing effects of alcohol (or so I’ve heard). Anyway, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Paul Millsap, (Big) Al Jefferson, and even Monta Ellis all stayed put. What Atlanta’s Danny Ferry, but more astoundingly, what Utah’s Kevin O’Connor were thinking not dealing their stars (who will be free agents this summer), I can only guess, but it was definitely the type of day where the phrase “blue balls” came to mind many times. But at least Slam Online called out Bleacher Report, so there’s that.  

-David Roth is an excellent writer, and you should really be reading his missives at The Classical and the WSJ, but he also writes for Vice, and here he takes on the legacy of, who else, Michael Jordan in his Mercy Rule column. I call mercy on MJ pieces after this week, but Roth is better than 98 percent of the writers on the Internet, so his words on as tired a subject as MJ are erudite enough to read regardless the ongoing narrative.  

-If you don’t know the NBA’s betting extradinaire, Bob Voulgaris, you should, and so here’s an excellent profile of him by Scott Eden for ESPN the Mag. Also, if you’re a Twitter person, follow him on Twitter; you won’t regret it, unless you’re like me and regret every wasted moment on Twitter. 

-Metta W____ P____ got woken up by the cops last night after he’d just finished watching Zero Dark Thirty (I haven’t seen it yet, so don’t spoil it for me by reblogging the ending. I really wanna see if we catch the bad guy at the end). It’s Metta, so the LA Times pieces features quotes from Metta like, I just got finished watching ‘Zero Dark Thirty’or whatever that movie is. I’m like, ‘I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Is there a terrorist in the building? Do y’all need my help?’” followed by information like this: After a brief conversation with the police, World Peace put on his Cookie Monster pajamas and accompanied them outside.” So go read the whole thing, you’ll be entertained because it’s Metta being meta. 

-You probably know about James Harden’s career-high 46 points against his old mates in OKC last night as he and Jeremy Lin combined to help the Rockets come back from an eight-point deficit in the final ten minutes of the fourth quarter to get the win. Andrew Sharp, at SB Nation, talks about Harden, the Rockets trade and what the Thunder lost. Morey fleeced Geoff Petrie by acquiring Thomas Robinson for Patrick Patterson and others last night, so it’s a good day to be a Rockets fan. It’s an even crummier day to be a Kings fan, and I wish all of you well (I hope KJ can keep the team in town, too). 

-The Lakers beat the Celtics at the Staples Center last night too, where before the game Kobe addressed the crowd and commemorated Jerry Buss, the late owner of the Lakers. There was a video tribute before the game, and then the Lakers went out and beat up on the Rondo-less Celtics. Dwight was unusually frisky on the cusp of the trade deadline, scoring 24 points on 10-of-13 shooting and grabbing 12 boards, 5 offensive. Anyways, this was just a really long way of getting to the link where Kobe says the Lakers can, and will, make the playoffs. We’ll see.

-Steve Novak rap!!!

And I’m out. 

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